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I am an 8th grade language arts/social studies teacher and have also teach 7th grade Spanish . I also do private tutoring in math, Spanish and language arts. I really love using technology in the classroom!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thing #23

Well, I must say it has been a process to learn about so many Web 2.0 features! I think right now I'm a little overwhelmed at the number of discoveries I have made since beginning this program. I think I am going to make the most use of my blog site and plan to post it on my website during the school year so that I can interact with my students (the ones who are interested). I would like to continue learning more and plan to continue discovering new websites, etc. that will enrich my classroom experiences. This has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone!

Thing #22

I visited the first three Ning sites and found the Ning for Teachers the most useful. Since I teach 6th graders, I found out that they can't legally use their email address on a website like this. So, I think I would use the Teacher Ning for sharing and receiving ideas to help me in the classroom. I had never heard of this until I took this online course!

Thing #21

I'm trying to save my Photostory project, however, it's not letting me record my voice so I will upload it as is and then go back later to try adding the voice. My microphone was messed up and my son was helping me fix it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thing #20

I found a cute video about Web 2.0 in plain English! I have used Teacher Tube and YouTube videos in my classroom already many times. They are both great resources for lessons.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thing #19

Wow! I had so much fun exploring Lulu... what an awesome place for libraries and a great place to publish your own creative works for classroom or school wide use. This would be a great place for those who love writing to be creative and have their works published and even avaiable for purchase. It's even great for photo books and music too! There were many other Web 2.0 Awards sites I visited in the past and have enjoyed as well. I think Google Maps is one of my all time favorites and I use it weekly.

Thing #18

I explored both Open Office and Google Docs and I have to say I think Google Docs is awesome! I love how you can collaborate with a "team" to create/edit documents, spreadsheets and diagrams. Maybe this could be useful in group projects for class. I would like to experiment more with it first. I couldn't access Open Office even though it was downloaded on my laptop.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thing #17

I registered for Rollyo and started a searchroll.
Here it is!